May 1

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

MySQL and the Database Job Market

For my talk at the MySQL User Conference, Roger Magoulas, the director of O'Reilly's research group, put together a few slides about the state of the database job market, with a focus on MySQL. The data comes from analysis of job postings from all of the online job sites, which we receive as part of a data sharing arrangement with SimplyHired. (Just as we do with the computer book market, we've built a data warehouse for technical job data and trends, which helps to put some "hard numbers" into the O'Reilly Radar.)

The image below links to the slides (in flash format - click on each image to go to the next), which show the relative popularity of various databases in online job postings, as well as some very high level data on their geographic distribution.

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  chris [05.01.06 05:43 PM]

For a lovely time-based trends graph of Oracle, MySQL, SQL server, DB2, SAS, and Postgres job postings, see this jobtrends graph from

Jobtrends: Oracle, MySQL, SQL server, DB2, SAS, and Postgres

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