May 12

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Where: Geo Developer Day at Google

How often do you get to spend a day at Google? Well, if you are attending Where 2.0 and you are quick to click you’ll get a chance to do just that.

Join us at the Googleplex the day before Where 2.0 (June 12th) for an afternoon of good food, cool map demos, and a chance to chat up the Google Geo development team.

Having problems with the Google Maps toolset? Frustrated by the lack of a geocoder? KML keeping you up at night? Yes, this is your big chance to personally meet the people responsible for your most vexing development problems. We're talking luminaries like Jens Rasmussen (the info window drop shadow guy), Chikai Ohazama (the Neil Armstrong of Google Moon), and John Rohlf (the J in "KML").

There's room for 100 people so register quickly. Nat and I will see you there.

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  rita [05.29.06 11:18 PM]

would love to learn how to use and export KML.

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