Jul 27

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Looking for an acre of grain

Knowing that O'Reilly is located out in farm country, Asa Dotzler of Mozilla asked me if we knew any farmers growing grain who'd be willing to sell an acre's worth so Mozilla could make their logo into an acre-sized crop-circle visible from the air. Unfortunately, Sebastopol is mainly apple and grape growing country, and neither apple trees nor grape vines are ideal for crop circles. There's also a lot of pasture up our way, but that doesn't work as well as grain either. Wheat, barley or corn is what's wanted. So I thought I'd blog the request on the off chance that any of my readers in the Bay Area know a farmer who might have the requisite crop and the requisite sense of fun. Mailto link for Asa above if you have any leads...

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Comments: 5

  Jeremy Zawodny [07.27.06 09:51 PM]

If it's anywhere near the Bay Area, I'd love to fly over and take some photos from the air and put them under a Creative Commons license.


  Jacin Steele [07.28.06 04:52 AM]

I live in Indianapolis. We have many beautiful fields of corn. In fact, I can see a field just by looking out the window of my loft. This is real farm country out here. If Mozilla can make it out this far, email me and I'll help establish contact.

  Gerald Buckley [07.28.06 05:20 AM]

Good articles online about a 5,000 acre farm in Burbank (Walla Walla County) WASHINGTON with 1,500 miles of wi-fi. Maybe the owner Nanette Walkley would entertain the thought. Seems forward thinking and it's not Indiana :)

Jeremy, that's kind of in the neighborhod for N5156X isn't it?

  Susan MacTavish Best [07.28.06 03:41 PM]

You might try the folks up at Emandal Farm which is up outside of Willits on the Eel River. Tamara Adams would the gal with whom you should speak. Tam has run the farm for years. and the contact info is on there. They do have some fields and they are always up for doing fun stuff (I used to work there - so you can say I suggested you contact them).


  Asa Dotzler [07.31.06 11:40 AM]

Thanks for all the great suggestions and thanks, Tim, for the publicity.

I think we've secured some space in an oat field in Oregon. Now we just have to figure out how to pull this off :-)

Thanks again,

- A

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