Jul 24

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

OSCON Kicks Off

It's tutorial day here at OSCON, but some of us have been hard at it for days. I went to dinner on Saturday night with David A. Black of Ruby For Rails fame (me: "dude, your book got a perfect 10 on Slashdot! It's you and Bo Derek, man!") and James Duncan from Fotango. Last night I went to Damian Conway's pre-conference "Presentation Aikido" tutorial, which we ran just for presenters to help them be the best they can be.

I poked my head into Dave Thomas's "Ruby Guidebook", our best-selling tutorial. Hot on his heels in signups, though was, Amy Hoy's "Javascript Boot Camp". Both were packed, and having a blast. Amy took in her stride a power failure in her room, which knocked out laptop power as well as audio--it was quickly remedied. Then I had a fun chat with Rich Bowen (Apache), Laura Thomson who shared her OSCON t-shirt economic indicator theory with Adam Turoff, and others. I love the hallway track!

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  David Van Couvering [07.24.06 11:00 PM]

Hi, Nat. You don't seem to mention that although the tutorials were great, most of us were struggling to get any network connectivity at all. You were lucky to get an IP address, and once you finally got one, you could end up waiting endlessly or getting kicked off before getting any actual data. This was at least as bad last year; I assumed that someone would take it into their hands to make sure it didn't happen again, but I guess *that* didn't happen...

  gnat [07.25.06 07:03 AM]

David: Actually, this year we were having entirely different problems: the oodles of new wireless hardware we got specially for OSCON wasn't getting power because Portland was in a heatwave and, with the A/C cranked, bits of the OCC's power infrastructure kept overloading and dieing on us. As I understand it, these were OCC-provided circuits, not our hardware--not a lot we could do except move around between circuits trying to find a balance that'd work (preferring airconditioning to networking when forced to make the choice). Today and the rest of the week are supposed to be cooler, so hopefully we can avoid a repeat. I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorials despite the in and out networking.

  Ragavan Srinivasan [07.25.06 07:27 AM]

Hi Nat,
Following up on my previous comment, I find that the links to administrative functions to the conference session database (like clone, delete) aren't protected. For example, I can access the delete page for Tim's session at this year's conference by just entering in the correct URL.

Was this by design?

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