Aug 23

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly


Don't know why this didn't get noticed before: the excellent Web 2.0 bullshit generator. Not as funny as Web 2.0 or Star Wars character?, but still worth a spin. In the heyday of the last bubble, I remember going into a conference room in a shared-office complex (so I don't know whose bs it was), seeing the business plan brainstorm on the whiteboard, and thinking that someone ought to come out with a magnetic poetry kit (in that case, a magnetic bs kit) for generating the style of business plan that was on that board. This is the electronic version of the same idea.

Ultimately, success in any business is about creating value, not about being buzzword compliant. So sites that make fun of the buzzwords provide a very useful reminder.

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Comments: 3

  Jason Arnold [08.23.06 09:33 AM]

This was up on dig yesterday, I think. The other links on the page are rather fun. Making your own Web 2.0 Company and your own Web 2.0 Logo. It all seems to blend right in with the surge of Web 2.0 companies.

  Rune Wiggers Ecklon [08.23.06 10:42 AM]

I think its a very clever an fun way to keep us aware of the bubble effect and to keep in mind what the real values in web 2.0 are.
Personally I dont mind the hype as it is a way to make the whole movement that is web 2.0 popular and thus it puts the principles and qualities of web 2.0 in the spotlight. I think the good outweights the bad 100 fold.

  Karen [08.26.06 09:36 AM]

Your magnetic poetry kit was in fact a reality back in that time. A web consulting company called Metrius - bought up by KMPG (now Bearing Point) - had a the exact kit of which you speak! Lots of buzz words and something I bet would make you cringe.

KPMG disbanded Metrius in 2000 and integrated the employees into the main KPMG groups (and laid off most of them within 6 months).

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