Aug 11

Rael Dornfest

Rael Dornfest

Entrepreneurially yours

After six of the most enjoyable, educational, and rewarding years at O'Reilly, I went half-time last November to pursue one of those ideas that just wouldn't leave me alone. That idea has since blossomed into an application (edging toward product-hood) and fledgling company. And so it's time now to give it all the attention it deserves.

Leaving O'Reilly the company, however, doesn't mean leaving the O'Reilly family. I've always said that if I wandered off at some point I'd still do ETech; and that's precisely what I'll be doing. I will be chairing the program of the 2007 edition of the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, as well as continuing to be part of the O'Reilly Radar. (I'll blog more about the conference shortly; the ink on the call for participation just now drying.)

As I'm now spending the lion's share of my time on my new company, we've added Brady Forrest and more recently Allison Randal to the Radar team to continue exploring new technologies and reaching out to interesting people and companies to bring them more clearly onto the O'Reilly Radar.

When I think of just what to say at this point, only one word comes to mind: Thanks. Thank you O'Reilly for making me feel at home from the moment I walked in. Thanks to all the O'Reillians who made me all the better for my stay, in particular my mentors Tim O'Reilly and Dale Dougherty and O'Reilly Radar co-conspirators. And thanks to all of you in the noosphere who've built and thought so much for me to explore and and learn.

Entrepreneurially yours, Rael

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Comments: 14

  Surj [08.11.06 11:31 AM]

No, Rael. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your passion and your tech "cool-hunter" skills with us. Thanks for also being the most perfect gentleman and ambassador for tech. We will still continue to watch you in Orbit!

  Tony Stubblebine [08.11.06 11:40 AM]

Rael, I was just at an O'Reilly BBQ and came away totally charged up. Maybe it was Dale's Cuban Pork but I think it had more to do with the company's idealistic energy. The people that work there and the community surrounding them all have a wealth of amazing ideas and insights. I don't think anyone can spend an afternoon in that world, let alone years, without sparking their entrepeneurial spirt. Best of luck on this idea that wouldn't leave you alone.

  Cem Basman [08.11.06 11:49 AM]

In the words of Andre Gide: ""Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." Bon voyage, Rael! All the best ...

  You Mon Tsang [08.11.06 11:53 AM]

Awesome. Good to have you on this side of the fence. Remember to enjoy the ride.

  Marc Hedlund [08.11.06 12:58 PM]

Congrats and best wishes!

  anjan bacchu [08.11.06 12:58 PM]

hi rael,

good luck. enjoyed radar a lot.


  Kevin Bingham [08.11.06 02:09 PM]

Who would have thunk that you would have done what you have done, 6 years ago. Not to mention that you'd even be working for ORA 7-8 years ago (OSCon).

  Gordon Mohr [08.11.06 03:26 PM]

Good luck! Any hints on what your company is doing?

  roberthahn [08.11.06 05:17 PM]

Good luck Rael. If Blosxom's anything to go by, I have a feeling your new ideas will rock just as hard, if not harder.

All the best!

  Imran Ali [08.12.06 04:56 AM]

Rael - I wish you all the luck in the world and more. My experiences at ETech 04, 05 and 06 have done nothing less than changing the way I think about the world and about myself.

Thanks for making those events happen and I'm already fired up about ETech07 :)

See you at FOO!

  DeWitt [08.12.06 06:48 AM]

Best of luck, Rael! Does this mean you'll be writing on your own blog again?

  Rael Dornfest [08.12.06 08:36 AM]

Thank you all for your kind words, both in and outside of comments.

DeWitt beat me to the punch: I was about to note that you will find me blogging (in addition to on Radar—more often than not in both cases) here:

  Dan [08.13.06 05:29 AM]

Good luck Rael! Cheers, D.

  dave mcclure [08.13.06 02:15 PM]

best of luck rael!

don't forget us little people along the way to fame & fortune -- we want in on the friend& & family round.

(still hope to see you around regular tho ;)

- dave

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