Sep 24

Nikolaj Nyholm

Nikolaj Nyholm

Completely human free shopping

The "Get & Go Express" convenience stores aren't stores so much as giant vending machines - only done smarter with new technology. All shopping takes place on the outer surface of the box like stores (roughly the foot print of two 40ft shipping containers) from an array of smaller vending machines. The store takes up less space because it doesn't have to make room for people between the shelves. It also cuts out salaries, which is, according to the article above, 40% of the cost of regular convenience stores.

Was this just inevitable or is it physical retail reaching out for the same economies of scale that online retail get naturally?

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Comments: 4

  Cem Basman [09.24.06 03:14 PM]

How does the inventor prevent excessive vandalism? Such boxes virtually invite sprayers, burglars and funny business people.

Or is this a shop for robots?

  Search Engine WEB [09.26.06 01:03 AM]

This is the wave of the future - and of course they have hi tech surveillance cameras - but it would be psychologically comforting to have at least one security guard on duty per store especially during the late evenings.

  csven [09.26.06 10:25 AM]

I'm waiting for the RM Mart (rapid-manufacturing). First up: gaskets.

  paul [08.06.07 02:53 AM]

idont know

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