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Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Get Those Questions Answered with Mozes Mob

Looking for the "best" coffee shop in an unfamiliar area? Mozes Mob, the newest SMS-based tool from Palo Alto-based Mozes (previous post), lets you get answers to questions from other people who you probably don't know, but who may know just what you are looking for.


Mozes Mob is a service that allows you to send questions in and recieve answers all via SMS. The use is simple. Anyone can text a question (using a reserved question keyword like are, is, where, etc) into Mozes (shortcode 66937) and the question will be presented to the Mob. The first 3 answers are sent to your phone via SMS. Would-be-helpers can be answer questions on the Mozes website and can be alerted via the MozesMob Gtalk buddy (just add mozesmob at Askers and answerers are labeled with their login name; anonymous askers are all assigned the name "Helpless Stranger".


I think that this is going to be a great supplement to my mobile toolbelt. I already ping Google SMS daily for 411 info and movie times (these help with some "where" and "when" questions). I use Dodgeball for closely tracking my friends and the Mozes Note feature for storing random thoughts (I like that I can subscribe to my own messages via RSS). I see this fitting in best for when i need to find a coffeeshop in a new neighborhood or to answer bar trivia questions. If you're looking for other SMS/mobile services TechCrunch has a good round-up of services that were featured at Demo this week.

Mozes will be updating the Mob over the next couple of weeks. They recognize that once a large number of people are using the service it will become unweildy. Soon users will be able to filter questions based on tags, friends, and geography. Mozes has had groups for sometime now, but they will soon begin to expand this area out and make it simpler to be connected to someone who is also using the service. They will also add the ability to have a Mozes Mob buddy on the other IM networks; they just found it easiest to implement the functionality on Google's Jabber-based network.

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