Sep 28

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

Personal Kyoto

I already mentioned this on the Wesabe blog, but I absolutely love the idea behind Personal Kyoto. The site offers a way to track your energy utilization against a nominal "household target" to comply with the Kyoto Protocol. Currently only available for New York/ConEd, but what a fabulous way to take your data and make it work for you. Great job.

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Comments: 4

  Tan Copsey [09.29.06 05:39 AM]

Does anyone know if this idea is being brought to London? Our environment minister mentioned at one point a trading scheme based on personal carbon allowances. This would be a bloody brilliant step towards awareness of the potential of such a scheme and really back up that it would be possible.

  jon [09.29.06 07:29 AM]

I think we would first need a system which automates meter readings.

  Ben Engebreth [09.29.06 08:45 AM]

I'm the author of Personal Kyoto and I appreciate the link and the comments. Regarding the question of bringing it to London (or any city for that matter), I am totally soliciting other software developers out there who might be interested in working with me to move it beyond New York. PK works by grabbing data from the local utility (ConEd in the case of NYC) via a user's online account, so there's no need to create new physical meter reading systems. It just uses the utilities already existing system.

  Noneq Kehaian [11.25.07 06:30 PM]

Oh, that may really help if the personal protocol becomes known by many people. It can be as effective as the situation of some big companies behaving according to Kyoto. Good luck in spreading the idea throughout the countries.

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