Sep 13

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

Tom Coates at "Future of Web Apps"

Tom Coates gave one of the best conference presentations ever today at The Future of Web Apps in San Francisco. It doesn't look like his slides are online, but you can see his presentation from the last Future of Web Apps conference here. Look for the slides from the new one. It was thoughtful, well-researched, useful, and well-designed all at once. Tom is also very funny, which made it enjoyable to hear. Nice job!

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Comments: 5

  John Dowdell [09.14.06 07:02 AM]

What did you learn?

  Damon Henry [09.14.06 09:53 AM]

The gist of Tom's presentation was "How people can interact to create something greater than the sum of their parts?" and why do people partcipate in these communties. Here some of the reasons he cited:

- Sharing without really knowing it.
- Saving for personal use but saved in public.
- Sharing with friends
- Sharing with interest communities
- Self-expression / showing off
- Altruism / Good of the world

He also examines why money, competition, and points do not work when trying to grow a social network. If my notes are correct, I believe he referenced Tag World as what should been the MySpace killer but they opted to put massive dollars into advertising instead of organically growing the community.

Finally, he talked about how do you get paid from developing these communities.

- Attention and advertising
- Premium Accounts
- Building services around the data
- Using user-generated annotations and contribution to help build the services

There's more but these were the most important points I took from the presentation.

  John Dowdell [09.17.06 06:18 PM]

Thanks for the summary... appreciated!

  Tom Coates [09.20.06 09:54 AM]

Thanks very much for the kind response, Marc. I think it's a bit over the top, but definitely appreciated!

  Lisa [01.10.07 09:18 AM]

You can actually listen to the whole thing and see the slides from here:

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