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Nov 8

Allison Randal

Allison Randal

Stikkit - Sticky Notes Reborn

At the Web 2.0 Summit Launch Pad, Rael Dornfest and Michael Buffington launched Stikkit, a slick new site for organizing your life. The basic concept is simple: take notes in your browser instead of scrawling them on sticky notes and tacking them to your computer monitor, your desk, your cubicle walls, etc. But packed inside the simple metaphor of a yellow note pad is a rich user experience. The genius lies in extracting todos, calendar entries, contacts, bookmarks, and tags from the text you feed it. When you type in something that looks like an address, it extracts the address and stores it in your address book (or "my peeps" in stikkit-speak). Anything with a date is added to your calendar, and any bulleted item goes onto your todo list. You can tag any item, simply by saying "tag as foo" or the more convenient "@foo".


The Stikkit team will be opening public betas soon, so keep an eye on

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mj   [11.08.06 06:52 PM]

stikkit sounds great but in need of another name and pitch. the sticky can not be beat in my opinion by any app and i've seen a couple prototypes die by the comparison. The sticky is not at all about organization and more about mapping memory to motion and the portability of simple cues. I love the idea of one entry as a feed but fear the wrath of my organized sticky note content.

gravytop   [11.08.06 10:56 PM]

MJ is on to something. My initial concern is this: "My Peeps?" Too cute by half.

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