Dec 6

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Reminder: Ignite Seattle is on 12/7

Just a quick reminder, that tomorrow night is the first Ignite Seattle from O'Reilly Radar and Make. We have over 25 speakers planned, a popsicle-stick bridge-building contest and Werewolf. We have speakers lined up from Amazon, Ontela, UW, Microsoft, MySQL, some independents, and a slew of startups. Topics range from "Dorkbot" to "Info Tech in the Third World" to "Innovation" to "Corporate Culture Hacking" to "Home VOIP Hacks". All talks are 5 minutes long with just 20 slides each on auto-play for 15 seconds.
Check the site for details and if you are in Seattle please stop by. It is a free event.

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I’m signed up (waiting for confirmation) to do an “Ask Later” talk at Ignite Seattle on Thursday entitled “Burning Credit: building the Black Rock Federal Credit Union”. Brady Forrest writes: “The Ask Later talks wil... Read More

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