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Allison Randal

Allison Randal

Campcaster - Open Source Radio

In the department of open source software with a significant social impact, Campcaster is a radio broadcasting software package. It's released under the GPL and developed only for Linux. Douglas Arellanes, one of the developers of Campcaster, was recently interviewed on BBC's Digital Planet.

Campcaster takes a regular PC and turns it into a tool for managing every aspect of a radio station broadcast.

The software is the idea of the non-profit Media Development Loan Fund, which aims to support independent news media in emerging democracies. [...]

Until relatively recently, running a radio station required a large amount of hardware, some of it rather complex - and most of it expensive.

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Comments: 3

Douglas Arellanes   [01.12.07 04:17 AM]

Thanks for the mention. We think Campcaster has the potential to both make a difference among the radio stations we work with, but also to advance the cause of open source by actually getting here-and-now software into the hands of opinion leaders in the media.

There were two points I would like to clarify:

1) I'm not the lead developer on Campcaster. I'm one of the managers of the project, and even if my life depended on it, I couldn't code like the true stars we have working on the project, people like Ferenc Gerlits, Mark Kretschmann (founder of Amarok), Paul Baranowski, and Tomas Hlava.

2) Unfortunately, the BBC spelled my last name wrong. It's Arellanes, not Ariennes. What was that PT Barnum quote? I don't care what you say about me but get my name right? ;-)

Allison Randal   [01.12.07 10:30 AM]

Thanks Doug. I've corrected the original post. Whatever your role in the project, you all are doing a fantastic job, and I'm glad to see work like this reaching out to emerging democracies (and even established democracies).

Nicole   [01.26.07 01:49 PM]

Great innnovator is what you are Doug. I'm a broadcaster myself, I'm blown away and very much interested in sourcing the best available technology that's allows flexibility and ease in transmittion under unforseen situations.

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