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Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Congrats to R0ml, Guido, Dave, and others

OSCON attendees will know Robert Lefkowitz from his amazing presentations on everything from the relationship between open source and Islamic Sharia law, to the open source nature of renaissance European scientists. He's been distinguishing himself as an incredible thinker about open source engineering, and now the ACM has recognized him as a Distinguished Engineer, along with Python creator Guido van Rossum, Pragmatic programmer Dave Thomas (update: wrong Dave--this one is the Distinguished Engineer), author of "The Scheme Programming Language" R. Kent Dybvig, and co-creator of the Self programming language David Ungar.

Yahoo! and Google did well out of this year's ACM awards: Guido is an engineer at Google, and newly-minted ACM Fellow Peter Norvig heads Google Labs. From Yahoo!, Jan Pederson (Director of Search Quality) and John Tomlin (Yahoo! Research) were made ACM Scientists and Usama Fayyad (Chief Data Officer) was made an ACM Fellow. Congratulations to all those acknowledged by the ACM, computer science's pre-eminent body.

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Duncan   [01.11.07 05:48 AM]

Your link to ACM is incorrect- should be acm.ORG not acm.OG. A .og tld would be cool though.

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