Jan 4

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

Daylife launches

Congratulations to my friends at Daylife, which launched this morning. (Disclosure: I'm an advisor to the company and friends with several people there.) Upendra Shardanand, the founder, originally described the idea to me as "like IMDb for the news" -- a way to browse through histories and connections of the people, places, and topics that make up news stories. It's amazing to me how well they've done at realizing that idea, and I love using the site to catch up on stories I hadn't been following, or to see differences in how blogs and mainstream outlets are covering a story. Best wishes to the Daylife team!

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  skippy2057 [01.04.07 12:49 PM]

Maybe I didn't look around long enough, but it seemed like a "flashed-up", slightly ponderous version of Google News. I'll check back again though, first impressions aren't always right...

  mj [01.05.07 10:41 AM]

I've only spent a few minutes tooling around but want to post what may be a fundamental flaw at this stage. Seems that pre-designated topics have been assigned and that those keyword associations are being leveraged to form the similar news associations. Wouldn't the system be more accurate and robust in the long-term if you leveraged user generated topics(tags) and the human generated associations of user saved news.

This system offers a great opportunity to filter global news but If I can not leverage it for the special interests I have it has no value. The associations between Apple Computer and Norah Jones are not connecting for me and I would rather have an intelligent Myware tool that datamines on a querries that i and other users generate over time.


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