Jan 2

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Five Things You Didn't Know About Me

Allison tagged me, so here are five things you don't know about me:

  1. I was born in NC, but most of the time I spent in the state I was in the womb. I grew up in South Jersey and then proceeded to live in New York, Connecticut, Boston, and San Francisco before settling in Seattle. Prior to moving to Seattle I had never spent more than a year in a single abode as an adult.

  2. The first time I met Kathy Sierra I made her want a Tablet PC.

  3. My first O'Reilly connection was through Nat. We met at ETech 05; I had recognized his name as being a good friend's friend. A conversation and then a friendship ensued. A year later I was interviewing with Tim at ETech 06.

  4. In the 14 years that I have been devilsticking I have had at least 10 sets (currently in possession of 5 - with a new LED set ordered yesterday), been in 2 fire troupes (met my girlfriend through one of them), taught at least 5 people who stuck with it, been stopped on two occasions by cops, earned ~30 dollars, performed (with fire) at the Bumbershoot closing ceremony in 2005, performed (with fire) twice in front of the Man on the night of the burn, have devilsticked in 8 countries, and performed in one wedding (OK - it was at Burning Man, but still a wedding!). I am self-taught. I occasionally juggle.

  5. I was a cook one summer at a mid-class bar & grill in Medford, New Jersey. Lucky for me there were two gourmet chefs on staff who were slumming. They took me under their respective wings, made me a lot of great meals, and gave me a good culinary foundation that I have always been thankful for. I wish I knew where they were now.

I am tagging Leo Dirac, PT, Dave McClure, Mikel Maron, and Niall Kennedy. Tell us about yourselves.

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Comments: 5

  Anita [01.02.07 04:12 PM]

Wow, those are way more exciting than my five! Maybe I should start doing something more interesting ;)

  brady [01.02.07 05:46 PM]


  Kathy Sierra [01.02.07 08:47 PM]

...and I have not forgiven you.

; )

And here I am getting ready for my annual pilgrimage to MacWorld, hopelessly optimistic that the Apple Tablet is just around the corner.

By the way, Brady, you continue to astonish me with all the weird s*** interesting things you've done.

  Galen [01.10.07 12:05 PM]

Talking the opinionated and user-interface focused Kathy Sierra into a tablet PC is quite a feat!

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