Feb 28

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly's papersync

One of the cool things here at Adobe Engage is a demo of a clever feature of online organizer company iscrybe called "papersync." It's a mapping of the next 8 days of your calendar onto a piece of paper that, folded 8 ways, fits right into your pocket. This should be a big hit with the Lifehacker crowd! I love these simple features. So many people who talk about online/offline think only about devices. Lovely to see someone who uses paper as one of their offline formats. (iscribe does a lot of other cool online/offline stuff -- obviously, that's a key feature of Apollo -- but I liked this one because it's such a nice, obvious thing to do.)

In that regard, I'm mindful of a conversation I had the other day with Nora Abousteit of Burdastyle, a very cool fashion site that provides "open source" clothes patterns that people can print out and sew from. One of their challenges is how to map clothing patterns onto 8 1/2 by 11 (or A size) sheets that can be printed out on home printers. Mapping designs in interesting ways onto paper is an interesting challenge and opportunity.

(P.S. iscrybe looks like a very nice calendar, to-do list, and notepad application.)

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  Clayton Scott [02.28.07 10:50 AM]

I think you've got the wrong URL, Tim.

I believe you are looking for iScrybe,

  franticindustries [02.28.07 11:41 AM]

I love the demo, although I fear for them: the organizer/personal calendar arena is overcrowded.

However, am I the only one who's not excited about anything offline? What's this 'offline' thing everyone is talking about? I can't remember when it was the last time when i was offline. Maybe I'm not the average consumer, but it's a direction we're all heading to now. Being always online means basically three things: having a net connection at home, having a net connection at work, and lastly having a EDGE/3G/HSDPA card for your laptop. I'd say that most people who actually use computers enough to need a calendar application have the first two bases covered, and the third is already cheap enough, so it's safe to say that everyone will have it soon.

So, why are people excited about something that works offline?

  Tim O'Reilly [02.28.07 11:45 AM]

franticindustries -- have younot been on an airplane lately?

That being said, there's no question that "offline" is a transitional thing.

  Tim O'Reilly [02.28.07 11:49 AM]

Clayton -- thanks for the catch. I had it right in the title, but mistyped it in the body. Fixed it now.

  Michael [05.06.07 10:09 AM]

I've loved the Hipster PDA thing and the Papersync idea, so we've implemented a similar thing in Nozbe - you can print your actions and notes in a similar style:

I believe good printing support is important in any productivity web-application.

  doris cheng [09.06.07 04:10 AM]

Iscrybe is very diligent in emailing the to-do events. In contrast, the online calendar of MobileLiving isayusay is designed for cell phones. With one-click sync, online events are quickly downloaded to a cycle-thru browser for instant click-to-call with notes lookup and texting with ready-to-send messages.

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