Feb 28

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

More on Open Source

Enterprise Open Source Magazine asked various open source business people about my earlier piece about how strictly "an open source company" should be interpreted. The responses are interesting, though it's sometimes hard to see who gets it from just two sentences (e.g., I know Simon Phipps is clueful and articulate but his soundbite is almost indigestible). My favourite has to be Arjé Cahn of Hippo, who said "Nat Torkington is right". I can safely say, in true blogosphere echo chamber fashion, "Arjé Cahn gets it". :-)

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Comments: 4

  Simon Phipps [02.28.07 10:10 AM]

I had 10 mins, no context and a demand for a statement about open source and Free software being mediated by PR :-) Had I known he wanted a rabble-rousing paragraph rather than a sound-bite I would probably have said something more coherent.

I am writing a paper on the subject, you can expect a more developed response soon. Suffice to say I think the "open source" brand is over-used and under-defended.

  Michael Sparks [02.28.07 10:34 AM]

Flip it round - what's a proprietary software business?

"""But Joe Blogs of GoldFlasg didn't agree with Torkington, and argued that, in order to describe itself as an "proprietary software" company, all it need to be is "a company that will help you make the switch to proprietary software in your company."""

That's meaningless to me. That's actually the description of a services company that happens to revolve around proprietary software.

  program indir [04.06.08 03:05 AM]

I think Open Source is one of the best things in the computer field. Think about it, Linux, it's such a great community. Or Sun, it has bought MYSQL for 1 billion dollar. This shows how important open source is. With the help of open source people are safer, because there are too many volunteers who work to improve the projects, for example Mozilla. I think everybody who is interested in programming etc. should be interested in Open Source.

Thanks for sharing the news.

  okey [02.05.09 06:06 PM]

Most people savvy enough to know and test a site like TIOTI I think are smart enough to not load up their browsers with toolbars. Does the bar even

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