Mar 25

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Secrets of Mental Math

Cover of Arthur's bookI don't know what time attendees are showing up for ETech, but if you're coming, and are tempted to skip the opening keynotes for dinner on Monday night, I have a word of advice: whatever you do, don't miss Arthur Benjamin's Secrets of Mental Math. I've seen this talk before, and it is truly amazing and inspiring. And it's so totally in tune with the theme of this year's ETech, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur is one of the world's fastest human calculators, and he demonstrates it with an astonishing "magic" act. But it's not magic he uses. It's a technique that anyone can learn (and that he explains and has written about in his book). As a demonstration of human capabilities, and a lesson in the power of knowledge, his talk has few parallels. You'll be astonished. You'll be envious. You'll be on your feet clapping!

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Comments: 5

  loke [03.26.07 02:18 AM]

The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics predates this book. Trachtenberg was published after WWII. You can find software/materials that teaches this on the Net.

  Tim O'Reilly [03.26.07 07:35 AM]

Yes, it is basically the Trachtenberg system that he uses.

  Dan Hugo [03.28.07 01:40 AM]

I went to Harvey Mudd College when Prof Benjamin joined the faculty. "Brilliant" and "Cool" both work. I suggest asking him about his audition for the Scrabble game show, anything about backgammon, anything about craps, and never, ever, ever abbreviate his first name.

  Mithun [06.18.07 07:31 AM]

iam interested to know more about this book.
recently i saw a program in tv in which a korean lady teaches the children to calculate by using some special tricks with their hand. i cant understand how they do that and solving great math iam interested to know about this book contents...

  suma valluru [09.04.07 12:02 AM]

I have gone through this book..Its a worthwhile for all those who are indeed in need of simple to simpler mental math calculations...

suma valluru

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