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Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Speak at Ignite Expo! (SF on 4/15)

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At the Web 2.0 Expo we're going to have an Ignite Event on Sunday the 15th. We're also going to use voting to select a pair of Ignite talks on the Main Stage. It is patterned after Ignite Seattle! Submit a talk.

Specifically, we are going to have 16 Ask Later talks. These talks will each be 5 minutes long with 20 slides and only 15 seconds a slide. Anyone who is attending Expo or Web2Open is welcome to speak.

The crowd favorites will be given keynote slots on the Main Stage of the Expo. We are going to use Mozes to select two Ask later talks to be given again on Wednesday in front of the entire conference. Let me repeat that the crowd favorites get in front of the entire conference later in the week. We've never done anything like this at one of our conferences before.

Topics should fall in the realm of web 2.0 technology, entrepreneurship, life hacks, or something else that you think a room full of internet junkies will appreciate. Stories and lessons work better than product demos.

There are still many slots to be filled. Talks will be selected next Tuesday the 10th; slides will be due that Friday. Fill out this form to throw your hat in the ring. Trust me it's fun!

If you need an example talk to guide you check out Jordan Schwartz's Ignite talk on SMS. He did an excellent job with in December and just today he agreed to give a longer version of the talk at the Expo (it'll be up on the site in the couple of days).

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Comments: 4

Kevin Curry   [04.10.07 02:20 PM]


The Ignite sign-up form you have linked on the Web 2.0 Kwiki is broken. How do I sign up?


Kevin Curry

Kevin Curry   [04.10.07 02:21 PM]


The Ignite sign-up form you have linked on the Web 2.0 Kwiki is broken. How do I sign up?


Kevin Curry

Tod Pedler   [04.11.07 03:47 PM]


The Ignite sign-up form that links through from the Web2.0 Expo site is broken. I found another link that did work, but wondered if our registration has been received.



Kevin Curry   [04.12.07 10:05 AM]

The form is here:

I updated the kwiki, too.

It may be too late to submit. Somewhere I read they were choosing presentations on 4/10.

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