Apr 4

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Open Source: Imity and Sahana

Two items of open source news caught my eye lately. First up, congratulations to Sahana for winning FSF's 2006 Social Benefit Award. Sahana is an all-volunteer open source effort to create technology for managing large-scale relief efforts. I know of it through two of the Kiwi developers, Brent Wood and Gavid Treadgold, and their presence on the New Zealand OSS mailing lists.

Second, I see that Imity has opensourced their app. Imity presented their local-mobile-social app at the 2006 Where 2.0 conference. Nikolaj Nyholm, co-chair of last year's EuroOSCON, is an Imity cofounder so this shouldn't come as a surprise. It's great to see more mobile open source apps out there—there's quite a learning curve for new developers and open source helps new projects get out of the gate faster. And, of course, Imity will benefit from exposure to more developers and more platforms.

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  Roy Schestowitz [04.05.07 03:37 PM]

The OLPC folks were among the contenders for the price. I wish they had won. It would have been a good PR boost.

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