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Apr 16

The human voice around photographs

This one is really simple and "lovely". Photos are a way to share experience and when you show photos to someone else, your voice is often an accompanying narrative adding a story. Voicethread allows the viewers of photo albums to leave voice comments through a flash interface. The players can easily be embedded in other HTML pages like myspace badges (see below.) You can even create them from a Flickr stream. Convenience. I am sure others have tried it but this one is good for its simplicity. Here's a "nice one". (You can browse through others on their site.)

and here's a "think different" one

I talked to founders Ben Pappell and Steve Muth on the phone. The pair are bootstrapped and their team of 6 is located all over the states. They feel that the design needs more work (I don't see the need just yet for that) and that they will be building out ways for people to update via phone. I can see this being useful for a number of things including small presentations / portfolios / comic books / storyboarding, and indeed the site shows some nice uses. I've used it to share a product concept with an industrial designer. Most importantly, this is something that can be used by everyone regardless of ability. Mixed media authoring at its simplest.

I think grandparents, parents and the myspace crowd will love this service.

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