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May 23

Nikolaj Nyholm

Nikolaj Nyholm

Angelina Jolie is a Geowanker

According to a story in the Daily Mail Angelina Jolie has taken geotagging to the extreme. The coordinates of her tattoo represent Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia, and Vietnam, all locations of birth of her four children.

A quick search on Flickr shows that she's not the only one to sport geo coordinates for love (Jane McGonigal's engagement ring) or personal artifact (Mikel Maron at Lift07).

We'll have to challenge Mikel - geoguru and speaker at Where 2.0 only a week away - to face up the challenge and sport a real tattoo on stage! (For the less brave at heart, temporary solutions here.)

[via Geowanking]

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BillyG   [05.23.07 08:36 AM]

Dang Brad, wazup with that bruise?

blackrim   [05.23.07 08:54 AM]

looks like an old tattoo that was covered up

stevem   [05.23.07 09:18 AM]

A real geowanker would be using UTM coord format instead of degrees :-)

Dave   [05.23.07 07:55 PM]

Ok I'll admit it I read the Daily Mail article. The appearance of bruising is likely because the new tattoo is located where she used to have Billy Bob tattoo on her arm.

Roy Schestowitz   [05.24.07 02:59 AM]

That's one heck of an eye-grabbing headline.

Nothingman   [07.16.07 10:28 PM]

the number are on the place where her dragon tattoo used to can just about see the outline of the dragon....nice article!

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