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Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Ignite and Launchpad at Where 2.0

Where 2.0 is fast approaching and the mainstage schedule is almost complete. However there are two new additions to the program at Where 2.0 this year. One is a series of Ignite talks, just like we did at the Web 2.0 Expo. The other is a Launchpad event for geo-related startups to launch.

These events will be mingled together. There will be 16 total talks each lasting only 5 minutes. The Ignite speakers will each get 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. The Launchpad participants will each get 5 minutes of demo (with a max of one slide). The Ignite and LaunchPad are open to the public (just as the Ignite Expo was). It will be held at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel on the evening of May 28th. Doors will open at 6:45 and the first company will go onstage at 7:00PM. The audience will vote on the best talks with Mozes. Two talks (whether demos or presentations) will do a reprise on the mainstage during the conference.

The schedule is not complete, but I am going to announce the first set of accepted talks and companies now. If you wish to participate submit a talk or demo.

In the Launchpad Demos we have four great services that are all launching for the first time that evening.

FatDoor is a neighborhood-based community social network. It aims to help you find out more about your neighbors.
GeoCommons is a community that enables the collective creation of intelligent maps. With access to a huge new world of geographic data and infinite ways to combine it, GeoCommons empowers you with the tools to gain and share insight across your neighborhood or across the globe.
Dopplr is a calendar and location focused social network. It helps you answer the question: "Who do I know in *this* city right now?"
Swivel is a place for data. Now there will be support for geodata.

In the Ignite section we will have

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Julian Bond   [05.03.07 01:14 AM]

Please hammer unmercifully on GeoCode based systems and applications that are USA only. Here's a hint. Zoom out with Google Maps and you'll quickly discover that the world has more places in it than just the USA.

Mikel Maron   [05.03.07 02:16 AM]

It's generally a fair point Julian, but I think the line up so far at these events is a pretty fair representation of the international sphere.

Tagzania is specifically addressing i18n and l10n, dopplr is very international in focus, TeleAtlas is a European company supplying map data all over the world (my criticism of TeleAtlas is focused on other factors).

For applications that do want global geocoding, Geonames is an absolutely brilliant service.

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