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May 27

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Mr. Woo's Robots: A Stop on the Maker Holiday Tour?

In response to my offhand mention of "Maker Holidays,", a reader from Germany named philip noted that a good maker holiday would be a visit to "this ingenious maker/builder." I couldn't agree more. This is a good video for a Sunday morning. It's sure to make you smile! And think. How much is possible to those who love what they do?

My favorite line: "I've had a few little incidents. The biggest one is I burned my whole house down." His wife didn't approve. She reports how other husbands are out making money and looking after their families, while all he cares about is building robots.

So if you like the idea of Maker Holidays, tell us where else you'd like a tour to take you.

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Michael R. Bernstein   [05.27.07 11:33 AM]

The moment at when the robot rickshaw hauler passes outside the house with an echoing 'thoom! thoom!' was absolutely classic!

Mathias Gauger   [05.27.07 01:12 PM]

Anyone know if we can put together some sort of Amazon wish list for this guy and all pitch in to send him BEAM robot kits and the like? Maybe later on, a Basic Stamp and some sensors / servos..

Dunno if its possible to ship to him in China, unless we went through a Chinese company, though.

Search Engine WEB   [05.27.07 10:30 PM]

Just imagine if he was able to go to MIT or Stanford of Berkeley and study - what an entrepreneur he could be.

Hopefully, this video and the publicity with this audience will help open doors for him. Perhaps a visa and a scholarship to study?!

It is to society's advantage to help people like him learn and create.

There are so many unusually talented people throughout the globe, who are in environments or in circumstances where there are just not that many options to reach their fullest potential to learn and give back to the world.

Eric in Portland   [06.03.07 10:17 PM]

This guy is more of an artist than an invention. I would pay $100 for one of his robots. But my guess is that he could get a lot more for it on ebay.

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