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Jun 30

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Ant Simulation in Second Life

Tectonic has created an ant simulation in Second lIfe. The video shows a simulation of how ants find food, leave a pheromone trail for recruiting, and occasionally run into dead ends. It's a short, pretty interesting video to watch.

Second Life's scripting language and avatar creation tools make it ripe for this type of simulation/instructional video. Are there any others you'd like to share? Link to them in the comments.

[via Reddit]

Update: National Geographic has an interesting story on how learnings from swarms (ants or bees) are being used to manage complex systems.

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Thomas Lord said:

I think that's a minimally good model, when viewed at a suitable level of abstraction, for the collective behavior of *most* (and most definately not all) venture capitalists and high-tech execs.


Frank said:

I think (at least the idea) is stolen from Smalltalk Squeak Etoys. Two about 10 year old girls programmed that! I would also not that there is an open alternative to SL named OpenCroquet and its Squeak based.

ratnikh said:

brilliantly done! Yet another example of how Second Life is a remarkably useful (and fun) virtual environment with unlimited capacity to model simulations for both entertainment and education.

Bloger said:

Very interesting! Good for them! I do like the educational application ...

Chris Wong said:

It would be way better if the second life 3d engine could be enhanced and make it more of a real-life simulation environment. Anyway, good work on the ants, I really love it.

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