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Jun 18

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Let's Meet-up in Europe

I am going to be traveling in Europe from July 8th - 17th to work on the Web 2.0 Expo Berlin. My co-chair Jen Pahlka will be joining me for the tour. We're going to hit London, Berlin, Paris, Ireland and Amsterdam.

While in Europe, we'll be meeting with startups, web professionals, developers, bloggers, VCs, designers, geohackers, and marketers. Our goal is to find speakers, get opinions on the content that we should include for the Web 2.0 Expo and get to know the community.

We'd love your help in meeting this goal. Here is our current itinerary:

  • Berlin - July 8th & 9th
  • Amsterdam - July 10th
  • Paris - July 11th
  • TBD (suggestions?) - July 12th & 13th
  • UK (Brady at the State of the Map Conference) - July 14th & 15th
  • Ireland (Jen) - July 14th & 15th
  • London - July 16th

Are you in one of those cities ? Would you like to get together? Do you know people in those cities that we should meet with? Every night we plan to hold bar hours. If you know of a good bar, centrally-located and with WiFi, please let us know. You can either leave a suggestion in the comments or send it to me at oreilly.

PS - Don't forget that the CFP is now open.

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Lee Bryant said:

You are most welcome to meet the team at Headshift on July 18-20 in the UK- we do a nice line in riverside lunches and have a lot of interesting enterprise 2.0 projects and apps underway across Europe.

Hope you have a good tour!


On July 12th or 13th I would suggest that you come down to Geneva (3.5 hour train ride from Paris) to meet with French and Swiss startups, web professionals, developers, bloggers, VCs, designers, marketers and more.

There is a group called Swiss Web 2.0 that get together every 3 months, which would be the right occasion for you to meet with the Swiss Web 2.0 community.

If you are interested, let me know and I will put you in contact with the right people.

cedric said:

I would be happy to meet you in Paris and I could organize a coffee with a bench of start-ups from Paris and that could interest you.
For sure, we will have suggestions to make to you.

I'll check with the others from OpenCoffee Amsterdam if we can meet on tuesday (july 10th) instead of our normal thursday meeting.

Lars Zapf said:

Hey Brady,

let´s meet in Berlin. My name is Lars Zapf, CEO of Simprove Consulting, a company managing European IT-projects based in Jena (the hometown of Intershop).

Surely I can arrange a meeting with entrepreneurs, bloggers, web profs, etc. as you like. I could use my contacts to the blogosphere. Just write me an eMail an we can get into contact. By the way we can introduce you the concept of our new web-based collaboration solution Workity coming out October 1st.

Lars Zapf

Fergus Burns said:

Hi Brady

I'd be delighted to host you in Dublin.

[btw, i'm a Web2Con and Expo alumni - met Dave McClure on last trip - and we know Surj from old]

I'm also involved in Web2ireland - see

Best Regards

Alain said:

Hi Brady,
Can we meet in Paris to speak about Dreamface-interactive. We are Web2.0 expo alumni and interested in Berlin Expo.

Hi Brady,

We could meet in Berlin, I could arrange a meeting with the local entrepreneurs and Ruby guys.


Justin Mason said:

for Dublin, may I suggest the Market Bar, location for a few previous Dublin geeky meet-ups? apparently it has wifi...

Too bad you're not passing through Brussels. Should you arrive earlier, there's an Open Coffee in Brussels July 6th:

11/12 Jul.... Why not Italy? Rome is just 2 hours by plane from Paris or London and it would be perfect to meetup with a few Italian entrepenuers and Web2.0 developers (I'm both :) ).

There are a lot of interesting things going on here in the web2 space (and mapping, and not to forget: mobile apps) and a lot of interested people as well).

Let me know if you'd be interested!

Hi Brad,

I would love to meet you during your stay in Germany.

Please let me know if you are available for a meeting in Berlin.


Hi Brady,

we're in Berlin on July 8 and would like to meet up with you guys. Cool, looking forward to the meeting,

Fridtjof and Matthias.
Founders of Jimdo

Cleavage said:

Will check it out in amsterdam.
July 10th.

Sounds great, a few days earlier and you could have joined us at a "small scale" event on the 02.07 at the Frankfurt Web Monday.

But we do have a more technical version on the 12.07 too if you are back in Germany.,2007-06,194.html
There will be videocasts from both events.


Sachin said:

Hi Brady,

It would be great if you could make it to Geneva on 12th or 13th (as Stephane suggested).

Brady - There's a London OpenCoffeeClub (organised by Saul Klein) planned for the 19th which I'm hoping to attend, although unfortunately you'd need to leave the State of the Map conference in Manchester a day early.

Lee - maybe you'd be interested in meeting-up at the OCC too?

If you'd like to catch the Shoreditch vibe while you're in London we'd love to welcome you to Trampoline HQ on the 20th (we're just by Old Street tube).

Trampoline's the first "Enterprise 2.0" startup here in Europe to get VC backing. Our SONAR platform maps social networks and expertise from corporate email, documents and contact databases. We showed off some of our ideas at Etech in 2006 and 2007 and SONAR has now caught the attention of some heavyweights like Raytheon.

You're welcome to use our space if you want to get a few startups together during your London visit. Don't forget your umbrella.

Brady, I would be delighted to meet you in Berlin. Mindquarry, the Open Source Collaborative Software is developed from Potsdam, and it is only a short commute to Berlin.

Looking forward to meeting you,


We are regularly hosting Informal Dinner Parties at my house (an old school) in Amsterdam. Lets have one on the 10th. We will invite local entrepreneurs and other interesting people. Let me know if this works at

Mirko Caspar said:


we´d love to meet up in Berlin. We´re currently preparing the release of a virtual world that aims to integrate virtual and real life. You´re welcome to take a first look or just discuss where this might take us;-)

Cheers Mirko

Hi Brady,

I'd like to join the queue for Berlin on the 9th, however if you'd like to see one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and meet lots of people in the startup / tech area I'd recommend Vienna on the 12/13. ;-)

Let me know what fits your schedule.


Nico said:

Brady, I'd be happy to meet up with you in Berlin, although I must say that Vienna really is a fantastic city to be at. :)

The suggestion for filling the gap in the middle with Switzerland (Zurich/Geneva) indeed is a good one. Seeing some highly interesting startups (like the geohackers etc.) and maybe one or two mountains in between sure would make a nice little detour!

As selfish as it sounds, I would suggest Cologne. Cheap flights to the UK, quick train from Paris, first WebMontag in Germany held here, Sevenload, Hitflip, Blauarbeit, New Media Management, netmoms, webnews, ... and of course ormigo.

lots of interesting startups right here. Quick train to Frankfurt, big cheap airport hub.

Might be good. Otherwise I'd like to meet anyway, and will have to see which city and date fits best.

Great suggestions. Thanks.
BTW, to clarify Ireland isn't a city. :-) We're deciding between Cork and Dublin, just not sure yet.

Javier said:

I would be ahppy to meet with you in Paris. I will be at an OGC meeting where I will probably be talking about biodiversity informatics and the use of geospatial open standards. This is a very interesting field as our mail goal is to help stop the global change damage.

In any case, OGC meetings are always very inspiring.

Imran... said:

Love to catchup Brady - on ETel and also we're hoping to launch mee:view or Believr at Web2Expo. I can be in London on the dates your proposing. Norman would also like to catch up.

Jan Miczaika said:

I would send Oliver Thylman on Cologne. One of the hubs of german internet development, a number of startups.

Plus people can come to Cologne from all over quickly: Amsterdam 2.5 hours, Frankfurt 1, London is 1 hour etc etc.

I would be interested in meeting in Berlin or Amsterdam, if you can't make Cologne.

Hi Brady. It would be an honor to host you in the vibrant city of Ghent, Belgium. You could take the Eurostar from/to London or the Thalys from/to Paris/Amsterdam. Let us know!
Lorenz @ Netlog, Europe's leading social portal (20M users, 9 languages)

Alessandro Lorenzelli said:

Hi Brady,
Italy would be my preferred spot also, as Luca Mearelli was suggesting!! I am a consultant and practice manager in IDC and would love to discuss about 2.0, market evolution and what's best in doing so at the very heart of the Ancient world, Rome??? Nice handover, isnt'it????


Greetings from Paris! I am the co-founder of Ballou PR, and every month we hold a "pont party" (literally translated into bridge party - although I'm not talking about a card game). In July it will be held on July 11th on the Pont Solferino. This monthly event is a very popular meeting place for leading entrepreneurs, bloggers, VCs, journalists, analysts in France. BPR serves an important role in bringing "Silicon Valley" style PR to the French market. We not only represent a number of key influencers in the Web 2.0 space, but we support the French entrepreneuril community as a whole in developing stronger relationships between these individuals and the press, analysts and VCs around Europe and the US. We would love for you to attend our event with your partner in crime, Jen. Please let me know if this is of interest to you.

Needless to say we would be more than happy to introduce you to the leading tech entrepreneur community in France.

For example, we are in touch or represent the following companies; Dismoiou (geolocalization), blueKiwi (entreprise collaborative network), netineo (live broadcasting), Dailymotion (YouTube is the Dailymotion of the US), Navx (Geolocalization), Criteo (Recommendation tool), Mobiluck (Bluetooth driven mobile communication connecting service), wikio (wiki-blog search engine), Netlog (localized social networking), Eyeka (community-driven site for video and photos) -- VC Firms: XAnge, iSource, AGF Equity, Atlas, 3i, Elaia Partners, Truffle Venture, Seventure (formerly SPEF), Ventech, leading tech journalists, including Virginie Robert of Les Echos, Leila Aboud of the WSJ Europe, etc. -- Bloggers - Franck Perrier, Jacques Froissant, Techcrunch France, and the list goes on... We're happy to be of service and would love the chance to meet you both.

Mark Simpkins said:


When you are in London we could show you some of the stuff we have been doing at the BBC (though I expect that a lot of other BBC people are offering the same).

It would also be good to talk to you about and some interactive TV stuff I have been working on.

That and the socially responsive design stuff, a visit to the Design Against Crime offices ?

Let me know.


Dan said:

Hi Brady,

it sounds really good that you come to Berlin (its not much away from my hometown) but i`m a little bit confused you write you are at Berlin on 8th and 9th July but on the site is only a date 5-8 Nov. mentioned. Is the other date (8-9th july) sold off and the 5-8 Nov. is the new date??
anyway i wish all many good conversations on the web-expo (whenever it is).

Happy to meet you in Ireland. Dublin, Cork or wherever you land!

Hi brady,
To reinforce what stéphane & hannes mentioned the swiss web 2.0 community I initiated gathers 200 people from all around switzerland, involved (web entrepreneurs) or passionate (web professionals, developers, bloggers, VCs, designers, geohackers, and marketers) with web 2.0. We would be more than happy to meet you and share opinions :D
Switzerland is at the crossing of all nationals since we have a multicultural / multilingual population and therefore a very strong and various community ;-)
Hope to meet you,


Nicole Simon said:

Hm, Tb does not work, so let's do the traditional manual way through comments. ;)

Informal Meetup in Berlin on July 9th:

Upcoming link:


hi brady,
would love to take drinks and share thoughts during pub hours in Berlin. We just started a German movie recommendation engine. beta:

Nicole Simon said:

Brady, could you please edit my comment above and change it to the 10th as well? thx.

I am reposting it here, since I had a few problems sending this by email (got bounces...)

I was wondering if you already made your mind about where you are going to be on July 12th & 13th. As i said in the comments I think that coming down to italy (Rome or Milan) would be a good way to get in touch with the web 2.0 community that is growing here with developer, entrepenuers and users.

A few examples of the things that got built within this space and for which you could meet the people behind are

- [ a memetracker, blog ranking and search engine, which is doing very well in our country wrt the international
ones like technorati, with practically no spam ]
- [ a user generated restaurant review and recoomendation service, btw use it if you are coming down to find a
nice place to eat! ]
- [ a "network of people that love making ideas real in software" with an innovative approach to collective work ]
- [ an brand new, international player in the user generated advertising space ]
- and [ two online password managers that got nice reviews in the international press ]

Also interesting would be getting in touch with netwo ( which is a group
of people doing regular meetings with developers and enterprenuers to spread the awareness of what is going on in the web 2.0 space in Italy
and how to tackle the possibilities.

[me, I'm a developer and entrepenuer (i like to
use the term software craftsman), doing things in the web 2.0 space, and I'm going to submit my proposals to talk in Berlin]

Till said:

Hi, "Web2 for Philanthropy" could be interesting to you and the conference. is a platform to connect people to charitable initiatives around the globe. It connects needs with opportunities and inspires dialogue to make positive change on grassroots level.

We are a group of young social entrepreneurs and will be launching within the next two months. We are just starting to receive corporate, academic and political support.

Looking forward to meet you in Berlin and discuss the potential social impact of technology.

Best regards

jeremi said:

Hi, did you find a place for the meeting in Paris?

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