Jul 9

Artur Bergman

Artur Bergman

Changing the Game: Jane MacGonigal on collaborative games

Radar friend Jane McGonigal has been profiled over at Salon in "Play peak oil before you live it".

Jane is a regular speaker at our conferences, were she talks about how to bring collaborative intelligence out into the offline world and how to bring meaning to your product.

We covered the start of world without oil. It is a game that was designed to discover what would happen if oil prices soared.

Jane selects the projects she works on based on her philosophic criteria, to reduce human suffering in the world. It is a great perspective for anyone who develops products, in the same sense as Anil Dashes "Making Something Meaningful" and Linda Stones question if it "improves quality of life". Making something that reduces suffering is giving me a lot to think about as I try to figure out where to go next with my career.

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  John Whiting [07.10.07 01:47 AM]

Ezra Pound said it over half a century ago:
"Set up a perfect and just system and in three days rascals, the bastards with mercantilist and monopolist mentality, will start thinking up some wheeze to cheat the people."

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