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Jul 25

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

OSCON: Open Source Awards 2007

For the past two years the Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards have recognized individuals for dedication, innovation, leadership and outstanding contribution to open source. Past winners are Doc Searls (co-author of "The Cluetrain Manifesto" and Senior Editor for Linux Journal), David Heinemeier Hansson (Ruby on Rails and 37Signals), D. Richard Hipp (SQLite), and Gervase Markham (Firefox). The winners this year are:

  • Karl Fogel - Best Community Builder There's a common saying that open source isn't so much about the code itself, but about the communities that thrive around it. And Karl has become an oracle when it comes to the management of open source communities. As the founder and leader of the Subversion project, the harmony within the Subversion community has been attributed to Karl, because of his consistent leadership and maintenance of the culture-of-respect. This and his transfer of wisdom on community management into a book ("Producing Open Source Software", O'Reilly Media, also at makes Karl our 2007 Best Community Builder.
  • Pamela Jones - Best FUD Fighter When the SCO drama was being played out, one website became the place to get your knowledge. Pamela, or PJ, as she is known, leads research and reporting of legal events important to the FOSS community. Through her tremendous work, Groklaw continues to be the place to get our regular dose of legal insight and analysis.
  • Aaron Leventhal - Best Accessibility Architect Aaron Leventhal is a long-time supporter of accessibility efforts. Earlier in his career he worked on a Braille publishing system used by teachers, publishers and individual Braille readers. He later joined Netscape as accessibility architect for Mozilla development, and has been involved with the Mozilla project almost since its beginnings. Aaron has single-handedly succeeded in turning Firefox from being an also-ran in web accessibility to being the preferred accessibility solution going forward.
  • David Recordon - Best Strategist OpenID has gone from hack to Internet staple in an incredibly short period of time. Dave Recordon has turned OpenID into a viable alternative to non-open identity systems. He has taken on many organizations and made real headway towards pushing Identity into the open source space. This guy knows challenging, and he's met and conquered every challenge. For that reason David is this year's Best Strategist for his work on OpenID. All this, and he's not yet old enough to buy alcohol in the US.
  • Paul Vixie - Outstanding Lifetime Contributions For decades Paul been one of the key players in the Domain Name System. He wrote and still maintains BIND, the nameserver most of the Internet uses. He's co-founded MAPS, a non-profit that fights spam. He's the operator of the F root server and he also holds the record for the most CERT security advisories. For his many contributions significant to the existence of the Internet, the "Outstanding Lifetime Contributions" winner is Paul Vixie.
Congratulations to all of you and many thanks for your hardwork!

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Congratulations to for your great work in sorting out the chaff from the great FLOSS sites that are revolutionizing the IT world. I feel it is particularly fitting that PJ and Groklaw have been recognized for the great contribution she and her associates have made to opening up the US legal system to scrutiny. Thanks,

Darlene Plante said:

Wonderful news about Aaron Leventhal. But are you sure that is his picture? When we knew him in the early days of his work on MegaDots his hair was much longer! We braille transcribers are still using that marvelous workhorse MegaDots software to direct-input or translate print text into braille. Congratulations to Aaron.

Mary Archer said:


Congratulations!! We remember all the help you gave us at State Services for the Blind when we were Beta testers for MegaDots. Congratulations, again.

Dorothy MacRae said:

Hey Aaron,
Congratulations. We Megadots users at SSB miss you. Nobody can fix a glitch like you can...

Glad to hear you are doing great things in your new ventures.

It's "Hug your Programmer" day, so consider yourself hugged.


Phill Jenkins said:


congratualtions on your fine work. Lets get together and do some more patents one day.

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