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Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Reading Books on the iPhone

O'Reilly Missing Manual editor Peter Meyers just did a great review (with screen shots) of how well the iPhone works for reading. His conclusion:

I took a look at three different kinds of content: a book from O’Reilly’s Safari online reading library, a Web site whose layout appeared especially readable on the iPhone, and a PDF.

The verdict? iPhone-friendly Web sites are the clear winner. Safari books take second place and are readable for about 10 pages or so at time. PDFs are as lame as ever on the small screen. Pictures, comments, and some suggestions after the jump.

I've always believed that multi-purpose devices like the iPhone have far more of a future for reading than dedicated eBook devices, so I was glad to see Pete's comments. Read Pete's review.

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Comments: 4

Will Entrekin   [07.13.07 03:28 PM]

Interestingly, Pete only managed to miss posting the first ever pictures of an e-book on an iPhone by a few hours.

(My blog did it yesterday)

They do look great, though.

Daniel2828   [07.22.07 10:12 PM]

Sorry, but give us REAL ebooks. Of the latest publications. None of this Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allan Poe stuff.

Dusan Dragovic   [07.24.07 08:00 PM]

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