Jul 31

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

SMS to GCal

I love it when web apps have an SMS interface. I use GOOGL for directory assistance multiple times a week. I use DODGE to alert my friends where I am and I use Twitter for sending out announcements at events. I use Mozes to handle voting at Ignite. I also use Google's extremely handy Send To Phone Firefox extension to send random web text to my phone. So I was quite happy to find out that Google Calendar has an SMS interface as well. Lifehacker shares the details:

Not only can Google Calendar text message you event notifications, but you can retrieve and add to your GCal by text messaging short code GVENT. Here are the commands:

* Send "next" to get a notification regarding your next scheduled event.
* Send "day" to get a notification containing all of your scheduled events for the present day.
* Send "nday" to get a notification containing all of your events for the following day.
* To add an event, send GVENT Lunch at Josie's 2PM Saturday.

If you are a Google Calendar user then you should also check out Lifehacker's Black belt scheduling with Google Calendar.

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Comments: 5

  Greg Harris [07.31.07 09:18 AM]

Unfortunately some great sites don't have SMS interfaces. We've been building some by mashing our API with theirs.

We did an SMS interface for http://www.stikkit.com/ @ http://stikkit.mobivity.com/

  LS-SAM [08.01.07 03:26 AM]

Never used SMS interfaces online, not sure why, looking at the number of websites offering that service. I guess i'll give it a go sometime soon :)

  Matt [08.01.07 06:24 PM]

What a coincidence, I am in the process of building an SMS interface to manage your queue at Netflix or Blockbuster. It is still in Beta, but you can check it out at www.MuveQ.com

  John [08.01.07 11:41 PM]

I never used Google Calendar before but now you made me curious and I will try it. The features are offered looks good to me.

  Chris Wong [12.27.07 07:59 PM]

This has got to be one of the best Google products released, and in Beta too! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time! I just imported 250 events from my SunBird iCal format Calendar and it got everything in there, I am impressed!

It’s the smoothness of the web app that does it for me! Everything seems to flow so well, just like Gmail and Google Maps. The integration with their existing applications is great. I can’t wait to see what they will tweak next in their Calendar!

Ahh… I need to get a job at Google soon

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