Aug 18

Jesse Robbins

Jesse Robbins

Disaster Telecom after the earthquake in Peru

The BBC is reporting that over 500 people were killed and thousands of people left injured and homeless after the earthquakes in Peru earlier this week.

The 24 hour Skype outage started shortly after the earthquake and contributed to the initial chaos. Skype's Villu Arak has claimed that the problems are resolved and promised to provide details about the cause on Monday.

tsf.gifOn a positive note, Telecoms Sans Frontières (Telecoms without Borders) is on the ground in Peru and has deployed their first communications center in Pisco. They will then deploy two additional centers in Ica and Chincha. These centers provide communication resources for government & aid organizations along with free calls anywhere in the world for affected civilians.

TSFI is looking for volunteers & donors.

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  Romuald [08.18.07 10:44 AM]

You seem to make a link between Skype outage and the initial chaos in Peru. Can you elaborate? I don't see the connection at first sight.

  Geoff [08.18.07 01:14 PM]


I actually experienced the earthquake here in Lima. Bizzarely, although the phones were all out I was still able to communicate with my family back in the UK via the internet(adsl), Messenger and the Verizon voice service to let them know we were alright.

  Josh Spaulding [08.20.07 08:40 PM]

It's always horrible to hear about so many deaths, whether they're caused by natural disasters or not :(

I think the outage of skype is quit a minor detail but I guess it being back up is a good thing.

I didn't realize so many people were ... dependant on Skype until it went down for several hours.

  Roberto Avalos [08.21.07 10:24 AM]

I was recently in Ica and I can tell you that you can see in photos is nothing compared that being there.
Is a mass disaster and the people isn't receiving enough help. all the help is concentrated in Pisco but the other cities like Ica, Chincha and Cañete also need help.

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