Sep 7

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Adding Smart Sets to Flickr

brady's intersting photos

The Flickr Set Manager will let you automatically create and manage rules-based Flickr photo sets, much like smart playlists in iTunes or smart folders in Outlook. Your smart sets can be determined by tags, recency, interestingness, and random. What makes this interesting is that the photo set can be regenerated everyday. Thus my set of most interesting photos will change as frequently as my photos' rankings do.

I use automated rules and sites to mange a lot of the content I consume. I want more tools to help me share the best of the content I create.
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Comments: 4

  Denis Gobo [09.07.07 11:49 AM]

Yawn, Zooomr has this for a while now

  Paul M. Watson [09.07.07 03:08 PM]

Nice addition. I use Flickr, not Zoomr so it helps me.

  Bob [09.07.07 03:11 PM]

That is neat, but is it rss'able? That would really make it useful! My understanding is that sets in flickr are not rss'able. Only users. An rss feed based on a set, or better yet, a dynamic set as you have created would be so much more useful!

  William [09.20.07 03:31 PM]

Nice, I use flickr regularly and this is definately a nice gadget but it always takes ages to change things on flicker - so actully I do not like it that much. Yesterday I played around with which I really like. Up to now I only did a slide show with very private pictures otherwise I would post the code here.

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