Sep 16

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Burning Man Time Lapse Video

Burning Man, the Nevada art festival, is in an amazing, flat desert. The video above is a time lapse of the week. It's impressive to watch the city grow and then burn. Here's Phil "pEEf" Sadow's , the creator, description of his work:

I was originally asked by Tom Price to do this timelapse, and I thought it was an awesome idea. It's been done before by the Folding-Time guys, but they didn't set up this year. The images were captured by a Canon G3 mounted in a weatherproof housing of my own design up on a 20 foot pole next to the Powertainer. There were 18,486 images shot at 2272x1704 which is almost 4 megapixels each. Some of the full-size stills are stunning! The camera was controlled by a custom Daemon I wrote using the Gphoto library, which ran on the Powertainer's Slackware linux system and the images were stored full-size on a hard drive. After the event, I ran another piece of code that downsampled the images to 640x480 then composed them at 30fps into a MPEG-4 video.

To see an amazing aerial image of Burning Man check out Pict'Earth's map.

[Updated with Phil "pEEf" Sadow's name]

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Comments: 12

  anonymous [09.16.07 08:48 PM]

ooh. how politically incorrect. al gorelione will have to put a stop to that.

  mikev [09.16.07 09:18 PM]

Nice view of the premature burn on Wed morning, at 6:48...

  Rex [09.17.07 04:03 AM]

Nice video…..especially when clouds run in the sky on Wednesday morning. But I didn’t get why they burn the city after such a tremendous effort into the middle of the desert. Is it just for fun or any logical reason behind it?

  serious [09.17.07 10:02 AM]

Rex, the city isn't burnt, just the man and specific pieces of art that are designed to be burnt.

The significance is personal to each participant. If you want to find more information about the festival please visit

  noelle [09.17.07 04:33 PM]

What a nice way of thinking back about all the special people we spent time with as the sun was coming up in the morning!  
Oh, and the dust storms!!!

  Rraine [09.17.07 08:18 PM]

That was awesome! I loved reliving it again.

  Leo Dirac [09.18.07 01:02 PM]

I'd love to see this same style of video but with the city in the background instead of open playa. Watching the city grow is one of the coolest things there.

Thanks for sharing this, Brady!

  Milana [09.19.07 10:15 AM]

I agree with Leo. It would have been nice to see the city behind the man.
Brad you did an awesome job. Thanks so much. Made me feel like I was there.

  pEEf [09.21.07 11:56 AM]

This is not Brady's video, it is mine. I'm a little annoyed that he embedded it without giving credit to me for it. Here is the original link:

  brady [09.21.07 12:23 PM]

this is not my video. It is Peef's.

  E. [09.23.07 10:55 AM]

great piece - thanks! i particularly enjoyed seeing how little time it took for the Man to burn. the effigy itself has so little to do with the event, especially for those of us who are lucky enough to be part of set up and are citizens of Black Rock City.
LOVED the music too!

  joey [11.01.07 11:25 PM]

What interval were the photos shot at? 1 every 5 sec?

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