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Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Dash, The Internet-Connected GPS


The Dash Express is an internet-connected GPS for your car. The image above shows off the results of their redesign. It is going to be coming out later this year (sorry, initially US-only).

The GPS unit has generated excitement due to its internet-based features. With it you can search Yahoo! Local from the road, send the unit an address from the browser, and get alternate routes based on other Dash user's traffic experiences. Dash showed the original device at Where 2.0 and have since re-designed the unit making it smaller, lighter, and with a 2-hour battery life. They also added a larger screen, removed the side buttons, added new map views and an improved menu system.

At the beginning of the summer they gave out 2000 units in a large hardware Beta (Radar post). On Sunday they announced the results of the Beta and some of the learnings.

Device usage
1,229,598 miles driven by testers*; 43,000 hours logged*
80% of testers turn on their Dash device every time they get in the c
Yahoo Local!
More than 119,000 searches conducted*
Active testers average 1.62 searches per day*
Most popular searches –food and retail locations by far
Send to Car
Nearly 10,000 Send to Cars conducted*
Real-time traffic
Nearly 2/3 of testers said they check traffic conditions every or most of the time before they drive

(All numbers as of 9/11/07)

I've been using one for a while and though I cannot comment about it specifically I will say that I can't wait for the final device to come out. The numbers above definitely reflect my own usage. If I was leaving my neighborhood I would turn it on. I generally conducted a search or two per trip and I sent a ton of addresses The Dash made it easier to react to traffic backup or a hotel being full. Having internet-access in the car is something that I have wanted for a while and I am looking forward to the new device.

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Comments: 10

Ed   [09.20.07 11:04 AM]

Expect great things from Dash. I can't wait to try it out.

Rex   [09.20.07 01:33 PM]

In my opinion,the real advantage is the net connectivity as unlike other GPS devices, Dash Express don’t bound you. So you can do surfing too. Dash Network Traffic, Destination Search and Send to Car are some good functions.Also shortcut buttons make one's life easy.

Mark   [09.20.07 03:23 PM]

Hey that really looks like a usefull gadget for my trip. I would love to surf while I'm on the road. Thanks for the post.

V Jonais   [09.20.07 05:06 PM]

As if we don't have enough problems with people on cell phones - now they'll be checking while driving!
Actually, if there's a way to combine Dash with lonely planet or zagats or one of the travel 2.0 sites (igougo, simpatigo etc.) it could really distinguish itself from traditional gps. What are these suckers going to cost?

RC   [09.20.07 05:35 PM]

I was wondering for quite some time when this would happen...
Normally when a product (TV, phone) is used using a satellite connection, the Internet is soon to follow.

Jim   [09.20.07 07:22 PM]

I am one of those Dash Beta testers. For the first day I was saying to myself ... why do i need this thing?" It only took me less than another day to learn why I NEED a Dash:
1. I did a Yahoo search for, believe it or not, Starbucks, and quickly learned that one was within a few blocks of where I was
2. The traffic data and ETA, plus alt route suggestions are A MUST.

And FINALLY, the most important value that I quickly realized I needed was that the "always connected" state of the Dash, gives me updated software and maps in near real time. Given the fact that POI's are increasing at a phenominal rate per month, nothing can beat a "connected" GPS.

Anythign else is yesterday's toy!


Martin   [09.23.07 11:30 PM]

wow, it's a really cool product and it is creative. If a company is creative, it will have a great chance to build a legend in IT industry. In web2.0 environment, there are so many small businesses search to succeed. Some of them are very very potential and competitive. WebEx is a successful one. AND I belive there will be many legends to be created soon. Further more, I know some more small starter company also have great idea about providing many good services, like: YMU a free web site monitoring service provider; ThinkFree provide online files sharing service... ... I am looking forward them to be another Google or eBay :-)

Sergey Kuznetsov   [11.02.07 06:33 AM]

This is very interesting.
This guys implemented the idea I had since 2001 in *EXACT* way I thought about it.
Way to go, guys!

mak   [11.17.07 09:56 PM]

I don't really understand how the send to car works. Anyway when will this available?

Hans Junkalor   [01.09.08 07:03 AM]

2 hours batery isnt realy good. Many GPS-Systmes has more then 10 hours already.

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