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Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Open Minds Conference: Open Source in K-12 Education

Hot on the heels of my post about, reader Steve Hargadon wrote in:

The K-12 Open Minds conference being held in Indianapolis October 9 - 11 is approaching fast, and I'm concerned that it hasn't received the publicity it deserves. It promises to be a seminal event for Free and Open Source Software in education. More details are below. Please forward to any and all you know who might be interested.

Open Minds Logo
The first K-12 Open Minds conference is going to be held October 9 - 11, 2007, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The kick-off reception is Tuesday, the 9th, with the regular conference sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, the 10th & 11th.

Steve continued:

For me, this is the must-attend event of the year relating to Free and Open Source Software in K-12 education. There are more tracks and topics that I already want to see than I will have time to attend. There are currently over 55 planned conference sessions, covering a the use of Linux and Open Source use in classroom, teaching, technical, and leadership aspects.

The individual registration fee is $100, or $89 each for groups of three or more. Register on the website or call Anthony Yanez, Registration Coordinator, at 800.940.6039, extension 1348.

Holding the conference in Indianapolis has two distinct advantages. The first is that nice hotel rooms are available for under $100/night at the conference location ( Sheraton) if you book before the 19th of September. Considering that the last conference I went to, the hotel cost for one night was more than this conference, and three days of hotel, all combined, makes this the bargain of the year.

The second benefit is that the conference is being organized by Mike Huffman and Laura Taylor, whose rich credentials in the area of actual implementation of Free and Open Source Software in K-12 education are really unparalleled in the United States. See my interview with them, and an audio recording of their session at NECC 2007, on my EdTechLive website.

(P.S. I took the liberty of changing a few of the links in Steve's message, which were bad in various ways. So this isn't an exact reproduction of his message, link-wise.)

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Dave Sanders   [09.14.07 10:22 AM]

As someone from the Hoosier State, I am thrilled to see a conference in my state. I'd love to see more tech conferences in Indy and in Fort Wayne (where I'm at.) While people may turn their noses down about going to the midwest, we are relatively central to the nation, and prices are cheap.

That and there's a quite a bit of tech and geeks here if you poke your nose a bit.

Steve Hargadon   [09.14.07 12:05 PM]


Thanks for covering this event.

My appreciation is only surpassed by my embarrassment over the bad links. :) The email I sent to you had been pasted from our newsletter software, and I didn't think to correct the way it formats them. That, plus a misspelling, and I'm crawling under a rock right now...

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