Nov 9

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Flickr Places Shows Chicken Around the World

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Flickr's soon-to-be-released Places (Radar post) feature will let you explore countries and cities in a new way. You'll also be able to search for interesting photos by tag in its place. The screenshots above show chicken in China and the United States. You can really see the cultural differences.

I received these screenshots from Rev Dan Catt. He's got an examination of beautiful across six countries on Flickr.

This post is somewhat apropos as I am in China right now. So far it's very random what sites I can get to and what I can't. I can get to Flickr, but quite often images won't load; I can't get to the Flickr blog. I can get to Google, but can't get on the Wikipedia entry I want to read. I couldn't actually get to Dan's blog (link above), but I could reach the Apple Store to get podcasts

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Comments: 14

  Antoine [11.09.07 01:21 PM]

I really like Flickr, It'a a smart aquisition from Yahoo. Flickr is really in the spirit of web 2.0 and this new application proves it.

  The Yountville California Kango [11.09.07 03:44 PM]

Oh wow some of those pictures are just downright frightening, the foot coming out of the pot! but truthfully I do love a good flickr image in my day anyways, it really is the best online tool for photos.

  K [11.09.07 04:29 PM]

I think I now see why Asia has a higher proportion of vegetarians.

  ephemient [11.09.07 05:15 PM]

Asian vegetarians have nothing to do with the above. There are nearly no vegetarians in China at all.

  brady [11.09.07 07:40 PM]

Personally, I am afraid of the American version of "chicken".

  Joe Lazarus [11.09.07 07:42 PM]

I can't wait to try this out. I'm assuming these pages are only based on photos tagged "chicken" in English. It would be cool it they eventually figured out how to incorporate auto translation so we could view chickens in all languages without any cultural bias. Nevertheless, this is awesome. Flickr is living up to their mission of becoming the eyes of the world.

  john [11.10.07 12:22 PM]

Flickr is Yahoo's killer app. Wonder why Google doesn't release its own competitor. Waiting for Google to release a totally free "Flickr" with unlimited uploads. Won't switch, but want it to drive the pricing down on Flickr...

  UC [11.11.07 02:19 AM]


The $25 per year for a pro account with unlimited uploads is pretty fair. I have no problem with paying that.

  Adi Azar [11.11.07 10:17 PM]

The chicken looks really bad :)

  Wanny [11.12.07 02:55 PM]

Err they are cooking the chicken wrong. You are suppose to CUT OUT the pointy nail part first before cooking it.

  sadie [11.12.07 08:50 PM]

If you are in China there is a good Firefox extension called Access Flickr! which goes around some of the image server blocks. It's quite nice.

  me [11.16.07 05:00 AM]

why should chicken taste/be better if it is wrapped in nice-looking (plastic-tasting) layer?

  Blogger [11.16.07 07:03 AM]

Uuh.. thats awesome. I had chicken today and dont feel good now..

  sotel [11.17.07 02:59 PM]

Flickr depends to yahoo?
Interesting sign of life.

google is more concentrated on the mobil phone business as much as i know. ;)

I already tested the new fickr feature...simple but genious!

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