Nov 18

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Map Kiosks in Beijing

china map kiosks

If you are in Beijing you'll find new map kiosks on the street. The one pictured above was right outside the Beijing Hilton, my hotel. The kiosk helps you do a Business search, get directions, zoom in/out, and locate yourself. After Google's done with putting maps in gas stations perhaps we'll get kiosks from them.

You can't tour Beijing without seeing construction for the Olympics. I hope that improvements like this are maintained after sports event has come and gone. I also hope that the Seattle City government sees these and decides that they are a good idea.

More pics after the jump

Emergency Call Screen


Both Screens


The Full Kiosk


Search Nearby Screen

Search Nearby Results

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Comments: 5

  Andrew Turner [11.19.07 05:30 AM]

London has a couple of local search/map kiosks like these along the Thames. It was definitely very useful for quickly orientating yourself and finding where you should head to next.

Especially considering that after Beijing, London will be getting the Olympics.

  nigel jacob [11.20.07 09:58 AM]

Does anyone happen to know who makes those

  parkercute [11.20.07 09:36 PM]

Hello buddy, last time for my vacation I went to Beijing, and tianjin. That’s my first trip to china, on that time I didn’t get proper guide to visit the city. So I have missed so many good places. But now using the Kiosks map it is easy to get the route of the city it will be very useful one to the tourists. If I get another chance to go to city I wont miss any one…..

  Joanne in Beijing [03.19.08 05:43 PM]

Those kiosks look great. One day we might get such a service on our mobiles :)

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