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Nov 15

Jesse Robbins

Jesse Robbins

O'Reilly launches Velocity Web Performance and Operations Conference

Velocity Web Performance and Operations Conference
I'm happy to announce that Steve Souders and I will be co-chairing Velocity, the new O'Reilly conference dedicated to Web Performance and Operations. Velocity is happening on June 23-24, 2008 at the San Francisco Airport Marriott in Burlingame, California.

O'Reilly Velocity Web Performance and Operations ConferenceOur theme is "Fast, Scalable, Resilient, Available". We're focusing on the crucial skills and knowledge needed by people who are building successful websites. This is the conference that many of us have wanted for a long time, and I'm really excited to help make it happen.

This year's program committee includes: Artur Bergman (O'Reilly Radar & Wikia), Cal Henderson (Flickr & author of 'Building Scalable Web Sites'), Jon Jenkins (, and Eric Schurman ( Search). We're ready to create this incredible conference, and invite your proposals to lead conference sessions. We are especially interested in the following topics:

  • Scaling experiences: What works, what doesn't, and how to tell the difference
  • CDNs - Getting content closer to the customer
  • Networking, DNS, and load balancing
  • Managing web services and SOAs
  • Making RIAs that are fast!
  • Maximizing database performance and efficiency
  • Optimizing production for customer experience
  • Capacity planning and load testing
  • Configuration management & Software Deployment
  • Infrastructure management, Monitoring, and Instrumentation
  • Incident Management and Business Continuity Planning
  • Virtualization in Production: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Policy / Process / Compliance in distributed environments

The Call for Participation for Velocity 2008 is open. Please see the Velocity Proposals page for more details on submitting sessions. The submission deadline for all proposals is January 3, 2008.

Along with subscribing to the official RSS feed you can join the Facebook group and Upcoming event. Please use velocity08 when tagging. Update: You can now follow the Velocity Twitter feed too.

Coverage: O'Reilly Press Release (Dawn Applegate), Yahoo! Developer Network (Steve Souders), A new place for Web Ops to talk the talk and walk the walk (John Allspaw).

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Comments: 2

Don MacAskill [11.15.07 08:12 PM]

Woop! Can't wait!

On our way to the MySpace party a few weeks ago, you asked me to help or give feedback or something, but for the life of me, I can't remember what I agreed to do. Care to remind me? :)

ade [11.16.07 12:37 AM]

Why doesn't Release 2.0 have a Facebook group or mailing list?

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