Nov 13

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Radar Meet-Up in Tokyo

Tim and I are in Tokyo for the Web 2.0 Expo. We'd like to meet up with as many developers, entrepreneurs, and hackers as possible. We realize that not everyone is going to attend our conference so here are some alternatives.

Tonight (November 14th) we will be attending a VentureBeat party in Harajuku. To attend you'll need to come with us. Meet us in the lobby of the conference hotel, the Cerulean Tower in Shibuya, at 7:15 if you are interested in coming.

Tomorrow we will be at the conference all day, but we would still love to get together. If you are able to come to the hotel during the day let us know and we'll try to arrange a meeting (either in the lobby or on the Expo floor).

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Comments: 3

  Gen Kanai [11.14.07 01:20 AM]

Brady, John Lilly and I plan to join you guys at 7:15.

  devin holloway [11.14.07 08:41 AM]

Hello - I'm moving to Tokyo to teach English after graduating this December. I apologize if this is kind of spammy, but I'm really interested in synching up with someone about what to expect and the different kinds of opportunities available. Yes, I'll be teaching English, but my true passion is technology and I'm moving there to get involved in tech whilst learning the language.

And of course I'd like to see you all at some Radar Meet-ups when I arrive :-)

If any of you folks have any suggestions please shoot me an email.

Very much appreciated,


  Dan [11.18.07 03:04 AM]

I was wondering if you can give some info about the web2.0 expo for those who can't be in Tokyo.



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