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Nov 24

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Rogers Chocolates, Ajax, and Customer Service

Rogers Chocolates has a fabulous Ajax interface for choosing a custom box of their famous Victoria Creams, a Christmas staple at our house since we discovered them on a family holiday in Victoria, British Columbia some fifteen years ago. These are large, lush chocolates -- 1.6 ounces apiece. It was always the height of excess to have one for yourself rather than dividing it in half (or even in quarters), a choice between hoarding a favorite flavor or tasting more by sharing.

To build a custom assortment of your favorite flavors, you first place an order for the standard assortment, then click on items to take them out of the box, and choose from a list to put others in. I'm still working on the box below.


Rogers also has fabulous customer service. Last year, we had an error in our custom selection, the first we'd done with the web interface, which they made up to us spectacularly. I've been meaning to give them some link love ever since, though Mothers' Day and other holidays slipped by under the pressure of various deadlines. If you're a chocolate lover, they deserve your attention -- the quality of their chocolates, their web interface, and their customer service all adding up to a real treat. Delivery is prompt. and they are still surprisingly affordable, despite the sad state of the U.S. dollar.

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Simone Brunozzi   [11.24.07 12:29 PM]

Wow, I was able to understand it was not a very technology-related article only in the last few lines... I was guessing it had to do something with Ajax or other things, but I'm happy it's just some link love. :-)

Ivan Pulleyn   [11.24.07 09:51 PM]

Unfortunately, I think the link to the ajax demo is broken - I expected to see a custom assortment, but the page was blank. I think maybe it needs your session data to work?


Security   [11.25.07 06:03 AM]

The Ajax is working fine.

After adding to cart - you click on EDIT CREMES,

then click on what you want to remove, and click on the left sidebar what you want to add.

We are putting together several orders right now as x-mas gifts for staff.

Tim O'Reilly   [11.25.07 06:33 AM]

Ivan -- could be the session id, could be the browser. I just tried it in Safari, and the assortment didn't appear, so I changed the link. It should work now.

Sorry for pointing into the middle of my session.

Iain   [11.27.07 07:08 PM]

Back in the 80's, I had a pound delivered every month. My nephews and nieces remember getting to try them (on occasion).

Season's Greetings,

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