Nov 30

Jimmy Guterman

Jimmy Guterman

Why Global Warming Is Bad for the iPhone

Last night, in chilly Boston, I had to go from one event to another, but didn't know where the second one was. I asked a colleague where to go next. He took out his iPhone and started pecking out the address in the Google Maps app. The following dialogue is guaranteed repeated verbatim:

Me: Sorry. I've got one of those. I could do it myself.
Him: No problem.
Me: Anyway, you're typing that out a lot faster than I can with my fat fingers.
Him: I've been outside for an hour, so my fingers are frozen. That makes it a lot easier to hit the right letters.

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Comments: 7

  Kevin [11.30.07 07:54 AM]

But everybody knows global warming will make the earth colder, because of the melting polar ice caps cooling the oceans, which means that iPhone is going to really take off!

  Jimmy Guterman [11.30.07 09:17 AM]

It is a problem when the facts get in the way of a would-be-funny headline...

  Noah Iliinsky [11.30.07 11:41 AM]

Allow me to propose a new headline, unencumbered by fact checking.
Al Gore's Dilemma: Global Warming Good for the iPhone

  Jimmy Guterman [11.30.07 11:49 AM]

At the very least, it might change Gore's investment strategy now that he's at Kleiner Perkins.

  Dan [11.30.07 12:27 PM]

in warmer climes/times, perhaps botox injections would do the trick?

  Vincent van Wylick [12.01.07 02:30 AM]

No problem, if the weather gets warmer, Apple will either release air-conditioning on the phone with the freezing-effect as a bonus, or give you a tablet-pen.

  Honary [12.01.07 06:29 AM]

That is seriously funny!! I like the matter of fact approach of the iPhone user, having "researched" the topic of "Finger Widthology" in depth.

Cool post.

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