Dec 14

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Amazon SimpleDB is built on Erlang

According to a blog post by (update: a friend of) one of the developers, Amazon's SimpleDB is built on Erlang. Cool! Another datapoint for the trend we see towards parallel-capable languages like Erlang and Haskell.

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Comments: 7

  Thomas Lord [12.15.07 01:44 AM]

I have a question about how the "Radar" works.

Are you tracking Erlang? or following the broader trend around the pi calculus? Is Erlang interesting to you as a technological idea? Or as a particular product?


  Greg Wilson [12.15.07 06:48 AM]

I keep hearing otherwise-intelligent people claim that pure functional languages somehow make parallel programming easier, but I have yet to see any evidence for it (see for discussion, and an offer of a reward for such evidence).

  Seth Wagoner [12.15.07 07:42 AM]

It's interesting that the two coolest new database on the block are both written in Erlang. The other, of course, being CouchDB. Of course, being written in Erlang definitely *contributes* to their cool factor.

  Thomas Lord [12.15.07 05:35 PM]


That's a theme with Amazon's offerings in this space. One senses a "systems" team there that, yeah, has got it going on. It's the simplicity and boiling down to essenses that gives them away.


  Jan Bannister [12.16.07 08:44 AM]

DBs are already pretty simple.

But it's great that Amazon are making the leap to making them open. A read-everywhere RESTful Internet-Scale DB could be epicly cool.

  gnat [12.17.07 02:41 PM]

@Thomas Lord - I'll answer that in another post. Good question, thanks for asking it.

  Brandon Carlson [12.17.07 10:05 PM]


RESTful Internet-Scale DB

Let us know when one is released. SimpleDB is not an example of a RESTful service, but an RPC based service. :-)

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