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Dec 31

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Chumby in the Sydney Morning Herald

Saul Griffith is at home down under for the holidays, and sent a note that Chumby topped the Sydney Morning Herald's list of Ten Things That Will Change Your Future.

The SMH also called out Twitter, Everyblock, 23andme, kiva, meraki, smart mobs, the World Community Grid, loopt, and the OLPC.

It's an impressive list for a mainstream paper. They get special props for calling out everyblock, kiva, and the World Community Grid, which are hardly at the tip of every tongue. Chumby and Everyblock aren't even publicly available yet.

The SMH also gets props for arguing the Radar thesis, that a series of seemingly unconnected products or releases show something in aggregate that none of them show alone:

What follows is a smorgasbord of websites, services, concepts and gadgets that at first glance seem to have little to do with each other but which taken together give a picture of where our brave new networked world may be heading.

They are absolutely right that no one of these innovations may be significant to their readers, but that collectively they say something about the progress of the internet from the world of alpha geeks into the everyday world of the average reader of the Sydney Morning Herald.

(Disclosure: O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures is an investor in Chumby. Which is of course why Saul sent the article to me and to Bunnie Huang, Chumby's designer.)

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Mike   [12.31.07 09:45 PM]

FYI... I believe you want kiva.ORG not kiva.COM.

Tim O'Reilly   [12.31.07 09:50 PM]

Thanks, Mike. I'll fix it.

Bohol   [01.01.08 01:11 AM]

The explosion of knowledge and new tools is unstoppable. Even if I live a hundred years, I couldn't catch up all the world updates under my Google Reader.

Roy Schestowitz   [01.01.08 06:41 AM]

It's interesting to find many Linux-based devices hitting the high lists. I can think of other such lists.

Take care.

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