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Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

ETech = Energy + Food Hacking + Arduino + Processing + Worldwide Tech

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The ETech program is launching! We're going to hear new thoughts from Larry Lessig, Saul Griffith, Alex Steffen, Peter Norvig, Violet Blue, Bunnie Huang, Chris Anderson, Gina Trapani, Elizabeth Churchill, David Pescovitz, Ethan Zuckerman, and Pauline Ng from the Venter Institute. Kathy Sierra will be returning this year to show us how to kick ass. We'll also hear from the leaders of Willow Garage, Bug Labs, Game Layers (Disclosure: OATV investment), Stamen Design and Perceptive Pixel (featuring a return of Jeff Han). Megaphone will be showing off their new games.

The first day of the conference we'll have six tutorials that'll cover iPhone hacking (the SDK will have just come out, but we all know it'll be too crippled to do *everything*), making networked objects with Arduino (taught by Making Things Talk author Tom Igoe and its editor Brian Jepson), Food Hacking (Marc Powell is going to teach the secrets behind molecular gastronomy), Debugging (Marc Heldund will treat us to his method for tracking down the logic problem in code), and Visualizing Data (techniques from field leaders Stamen Design). Kathy Sierra will be giving a tutorial on Storyboarding for Non-Fiction.

The next three will there will be a mix of keynotes and sessions. Some highlighted sessions include: DIY Survival: Projects for the Apocalypse, Modeling Crowd Behavior, My Daughter’s DNA – A Father’s Odyssey in His Daughter’s Genome, The Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism, Halo vs. Facebook: Emotion and the Fun of Games. and How Technology Almost Lost the War: In Iraq, the Critical Networks Are Social — Not Electronic. Thursday will end with a keynote from 4-Hour Work Week author Timothy Ferriss.

The evenings will also be full of activities. Through the week we'll have an Ignite, the EFF Pioneer Awards, and Werewolf (every night). Larry Lessig will be speaking Wednesday night.

Early registration is open now (till January 14th). Here's a 10% discount code: et08blg. There's more on the program after the jump.

Body Hacking. Genomics Hacking. Brain Hacking. Sex hacking. Food hacking. iPhone hacking. If you can't open it, you don't own it. Take over the everyday aspects of your life and take your senses to the next level.
DIY Aerial Drones. DIY Talking Things. DIY Spectrum. DIY Apocalypse Survival. As technology becomes more accessible you'll get to do it all on your own. Self-empowerment starts here.
Emerging Tech of India, Cuba, and Africa. International Political Dissidents. Different environments incubate new ideas and technologies. What these societies bring out will shake up your cultural assumptions and provide a wider world view.
Visualize Data and Crowds. Ambient Data Streaming. Dynamic systems require new methods of data capture and interaction. Open a window on the methods experts use to interpret and harness collective intelligence.
Good Policy. Energy Policy. Defense Policy. Genetic Policy. Corruption. Policy inevitably lags behind technology advances. Learn about some areas where it's catching up, where it's not, and how these boundaries shape our creativity and freedom.
Alternate Reality Games. Emotions of Games. Sensor Games. Games provide a platform for experimentation on so many levels. The ones we'll see engage their players in new and unexpected ways.

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Comments: 2

  John Wilberforce [12.04.07 02:20 AM]

Wow, sounds like a great conference. The food hacking tutorial seems like it could be great. I'm really interested in topics like that!

  PC [12.04.07 02:55 AM]

It is so cool that Kathy Sierra is still giving presentations.

The well blogged experience of last year really affected her badly.

Hope she starts maintaining that popular blog again

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