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Dec 16

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

evhead: "Will it Fly?"

Evan Williams put up a great post today on evaluating business ideas, "Will it fly? How to Evaluate a New Product Idea." Required reading for entrepreneurs.

I think his last criterion, "Personally Compelling," is the most important for whether an idea will succeed or fail at all. The other criteria speak to how big that success can be. I find it very easy to work on Wesabe seven days a week, and I never get tired of it. That won't make us the next Google on its own, but it does help us keep moving ahead (especially since there are others at the company who apparently feel the same way). After you have that or don't, then the rest of Evan's list will help determine what that energy leads to.

Great read -- thanks Ev.

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Comments: 3

André Daub [12.17.07 02:55 AM]

Hi Marc,
Wesabe looks like a very nice community.

I´m running a german Soccer-Community and you are right, if you have fun on building your community, you would not see the work on your page as work, you will see it as hobby and enjoy it.

So if the webmaster has Fun and is interested in the Niche of what his Website is about, it would be very easy for him to work every free minute on his community.

Sorry for my bad english,


André from Germany

Jay, writer [12.17.07 04:08 AM]

Although evhead claims that the list is not as clear as what was intended, I thought it was narrowed down and explained pretty clearly. And I share your view on Personally Compelling. It's basically the root and stem of your product.

Idea [12.18.07 10:15 AM]

I think Evan came out with some cool ideas, most of which is relevant to countless circumstances beyond startups. However, he didn't specifically talk about satisfying a need, which is kind of worrying.

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