Dec 11

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Open Government Summit

(Updated: fixed the links. Sorry! Having one of those weeks --Nat) Recently a group of 30 people who work towards open government met at the O'Reilly Campus in Sebastopol. I love what they came up with. Carl Malamud was the convenor, so I asked him whether anyone had written up what transpired. Here's his list of web sites about the meeting, and some thoughts on what they came up with:

Here is my summary page and the convocation. Dave Orban put together a web site. Somebody else put together a google group. Lessig, Karl Fogel, and Josh Tauberer all had Wikis going, which we consolidated here. Aaron Swartz whipped up a mailing list and a logo.

We also encouraged the attendees to pour whatever meaning they wished into the principles, providing a "gloss" on the basic pieces. You'll see links under each of the words, plus here are some blog reports:

BTW, FWIW, I view the low number of words in the basic principles as a definite feature ... several prominent techies were pretty impressed that we were able to boil this down to a set of basic concepts. Very much like writing legislation or an Internet standard, less is always better than more.

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Comments: 4

  steven mandzik [12.11.07 08:50 PM]

Sounds great and I want to stay up on the news. How do i get included in the google group or mailing list?

The links all go the same page? Did i miss something?

  gnat [12.11.07 09:38 PM]

@steven - sorry! I'm having one of those days. Fixed the links. Thanks for pointing it out.

  Steven Mandzik [12.12.07 07:51 PM]

Thanks Nat. I hope you hear about the latest on the open government from the other end:

Senate Hearing Discuess Web 2.0 to Improve our Democracy

(not sure if my trackback worked)

  Nelson Bonner [12.18.07 07:21 AM]

I would like to extend the consideration of open source government to call for the development of open source voting machine hardware and software.


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