Dec 1

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Visualizing CO2 Emissions

Over on the howtoons blog, Saul Griffith writes:

I really like the way this advertisement demonstrates how the energy we use, when produced by fossil fuels, leads to Carbon Dioxide emissions. Carbon Dioxide is normally invisible which is why we have no real sense of how much is produced by using a blender or washing machine. But if it's in black balloons, you can really imagine it!. We best start using solar and wind power as soon as possible.

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Comments: 5

  dusty [12.01.07 09:21 AM]

too right, tim, too right.

man, do i wish the whole world was filled with such thoughtfulness.

what a peaceful place the world would be.

thanks for the vid, off to share.

  djol [12.01.07 08:16 PM]

fyi - this was a TV advertisment that was broadcast in Melbourne (Australia) and other parts of Victoria, I think around 2005 & 2006. The ad was commissioned by the Victorian state government and Sustainability Victoria [ ].

  Simone Brunozzi [12.02.07 01:30 PM]

What an awesome, smart and effective ad!
Hope it'll be beneficial to the planet but, sadly, most ads can't easily convert in actions!

  Parkett Friend [12.03.07 12:33 AM]

This is a very beautiful film.

It shows that what must change in order to save the world. We need more such films. So that everyone understands.

  anthropocentric [04.23.08 11:52 PM]

Interesting - I thought this was an ad created by The We Campaign, a project of the alliance for Climate Protection (a group founded by Al Gore).

See the very same "black baloon" video but with different text and the voice of Tommy Lee Jones:

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