Jan 29

Jimmy Guterman

Jimmy Guterman

Edward Tufte on the iPhone

I've been an enormous fan of the work of Edward Tufte for decades. His notions about density of content are extremely relevant in this age of information overload, and he has just released a video in which he evaluates what works and what doesn't on the device of the moment, the Apple iPhone. Before I give you the link, I should emphasize that the QuickTime file is enormous and may take many minutes to download, but its insights and presentation make it worth the wait. It's here.

Tufte iPhone

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Comments: 2

  Julien [01.29.08 10:45 AM]

If you find Tufte's analysis insightful, I'd recommend you check out this essay, "Magic Ink: Information Software and the Graphical Interface" by Bret Victor, at http://worrydream.com/MagicInk/

It advocates and illustrates many of the same principles that Tufte suggests: high information density, with less interaction.

  alex tolley [01.29.08 05:01 PM]

Julien - thanks for the MagicInk link - it is a very good piece.

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