Jan 24

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

iPhone 1.1.3 Jailbreaked

I mistakenly upgraded my iPhone last week (un-jailbreaking it) to get MyLocation (works some of the time; interesting to play with) and the ability to send SMSs to multiple people (godsend). When I did this I gave up the ability to make sketches, record voice notes, auto-upload images to Flickr and make my friends smile by using the iLevel app.

Now on Techmeme I see that I was too hasty. There's a jailbreak out for iPhone version 1.1.3, but you need an already jailbreaked iPhone (and a willingness to try barely tested hacks). Now I am on the hunt for a way to un-jailbreak.

Nate True on has the instructions.

Nate True is going to teach a tutorial on iPhone hacking at this year's ETech. Early registration ends Monday, January 28th. Use the following code: et08rdr for a 20% discount. ETech is March 3rd to the 6th in San Diego, CA.

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  Jessica [01.26.08 12:47 AM]

I have a phone purchased thru AT&T its on 1.1.3 how do i go about jailbreaking it then?

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